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Forces experiments

The aim of these experiments is to give you an idea of the forces needed to do everyday things.

Use the Newton spring balances or Newton scales to find the force in Newtons needed to:
A Open a drawer
B Turn twenty pages of your a large book
C Push a drawing pin into a piece of wood
D Pull a small stool across the floor
E Pull a wheeled chair or stool across the room
F Pull some sellotape off itís reel
G Throw a shuttlecock
H Turn on a water tap
I Open a pair of scissors
J Open a pencil case
K Pull the top off a biro
L Pull down the board projector screen
M Rip a piece of paper
N Pull apart two pieces of glued paper
O Open a door (see if you can find one with a door closer fitted)
P Lift up an apple
Q Lift up a book
© Keith Gibbs 2010