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Solar system data

This page contains data for the Sun and Inner planets.
For the whole solar system see also: Planetary data

For general astronomical data see: Astronomical data

The data for Pluto has been included for historical interest although Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

mass 1.99x1030 kg
mean radius 6.96x108 m
surface temperature 6000 K
core temperature 15x106 K
surface gravity  
mean density 274 ms-2
mass 3.58x1023 kg
mean radius 2.44x106 m
distance from Sun 5.79x1010 m = 3.2 light minutess = 0.39 AU
surface gravity 3.76 ms-2
mean density 5420 kgm-3
day length 58.7 days
year length 87.9 days
mass 4.90x1024 kg
mean radius 6.052x106 m
distance from Sun 1.08x1011 m = 6.0 light minutes = 0.72 AU
surface gravity 8.84 ms-2
mean density 5250 kgm-3
day length 243 days (retrograde)
year length 225days
mass 5.98x1024 kg
mean radius 6.38x106 m
distance from Sun 1.49x1011 m = 8.3 light minutes = 1.00 AU
surface gravity 9.81 ms-2
mean density 5510 kgm-3
day length 23.9 hours
year length 365.26 days
Moon (Earth's)  
mass 7.35x1022 kg
mean radius 1.74x106 m
distance from Earth 3.8x108 m = 1.25 light seconds
surface gravity 1.62 ms-2
mean density 3340 kgm-3
day length 27.3 days
'year' length 27.3 days
mass 6.24x1023 kg
mean radius 3.39x106 m
distance from Sun 2.3x1011 m = 12 light minutes = 1.52 AU
surface gravity 3.80 ms-2
mean density 3960 kgm-3
day length 24.6 hours
year length 687 days = Earth years
mass 1.9x1027 kg
mean radius 71.4x106 m
distance from Sun 7.8x1011 m = 43 light minutes = 5.2 AU
surface gravity 274 ms-2
mean density 1130 kgm-3
day length 9.84 hours
year length 11.9 Earth years
mass 5.6x1026 kg
mean radius 60.4x106 m
distance from Sun 14.3x1011 m = 79 light minutes = 9.5 AU
surface gravity 10.4 ms-2
mean density 680 kgm-3
day length 10.23
year length 29.5 hours
mass 8.67x1025 kg
mean radius 6.96x108 m
distance from Sun 28.7x1011 m = 2.7 light hours = 19.2 AU
surface gravity 10.4 ms-2
mean density 1600 kgm-3
day length 17.24 hours (retrograde)
year length 84.0 Earth years
mass 1.0x1026 kg
mean radius 24.3x106 m
distance from Sun 45x1011 m = 4.2 light hours = 30.0 AU
surface gravity 13.8 ms-2
mean density 1650 kgm-3
day length 18.4 hours
year length 164.8 Earth years
mass 1.2x1022 kg
mean radius 1.13x106 m
distance from Sun 5.79x1010 m = 5.46 light hours = 39 AU
surface gravity 0.29 ms-2
mean density 3000 kgm-3
day length 6.39 days (retrograde)
year length 248.5 Earth years
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